Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEA) are one of the commonest types of surveys undertaken by Richard Moores Ecology. These are usually requested by developers at the commencement of a proposed project in order to understand any ecological issues that may affect the development going forward and establish a baseline for future monitoring.


A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal involves searching the whole site and nearby areas (when appropriate and feasible) for habitats and vegetative communities/species of biological interest, evidence of protected animal and plant species or species of conservation importance, for example Badger, reptiles, bats, birds, Water Vole, Otter and Great Crested Newt. If evidence is absent then a judgement of the habitats and site features present and their potential to support such species will be made. A more detailed Extended Phase 1 habitat survey can be completed if requested.


Following completion of the site assessment a short report is produced for the client detailing what further ecology surveys, if any, are recommended.


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